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The dining style at our restaurant is relaxed and casual. Our flavors are an enjoyable assortment predominantly from Asia with some ingredients that reflect the places we have been to in the curse of our travels – think Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippine.)

The menu displays some of the classy foods with a wide array of popular Vietnamese and Taiwanese dishes. You never have to eat alone; you will be sharing your table with other connoisseurs and friends.

The ideal way to dine with us is to choose at least 3-4 dishes per diner from different sections of the menu and bask in the great flavor with fresh ingredients. We are a walk-in restaurant, however we do take bookings.

For booking a reservation please check the Contact Us page. We make accommodations for most allergens and most of our dishes can be customized to your health needs. Please inform us of your dietary requirements at the time of booking or when you arrive the restaurant.

You can try our menu which cuts across all parts of Asia. We serve sweet savory crabs that have been battered in chili saw. This dish is originally from Singapore, but we have added our own unique European and American twist to it to give it that zestful taste as you break it open scooping at the soft white flesh.

We also go to the land of Lanna in Thailand where the plethora of curries on offer rivals that of India. Come try our Khantoke styled dinners with sweet and spicy chili dips accompanying your satays and pakoras. You will never try another cuisine once you go Thai style. We offer lots of other dishes but emphasis is made on you telling us what you want while we make it for you.