“Hard to know where to begin from… we were a bit uncertain as it was quite faraway, and online the menu looked a bit small. But seriously… WOW!!! We couldn’t have asked for a better experience (and to be candid, we were very choosy as a group of vegetarians.) if you are thinking of going, don’t take too long to make up your mind… just GO!”

Aladin Mitsu, GambleGenie.com UK

“The owner is just a gem, I have never seen such commitment for excellence, and generosity and kindness when dishing out food, it speaks volumes. The owner spends an incredible amount of time with us reciting his story – despite being busy, and it was very clear that he really believes in a wholehearted sharing of a richly rewarding food experience with others. It was a huge occasion for us and the memory we shared in this restaurant is forever etched in our hearts.”

Brad Colpit, Fantasma Games

“A lot of people have described the food in extreme detail. Just to add to what has been said – everything was magnificent, but especially the pakoras and desserts (every single one) it is valuable to get the sharing menu and just try everything – even though we thought that was much!”

Allen Wanterfield, Unibet