Our cocktail is exquisitely prepared utilizing artisanal tums, hand-made beet cane syrups and sun-sparkled exotic and tropical fruits without the addition of refined sugars. We are among the first pack of restaurant bar in the world to say to no to refined sugar.

All of our cocktails and drinks are specially planned by our very own renowned bar tender, partner, and world-famous rum and whisky connoisseur. A seductive table service ensconced within an ambient atmosphere. Our bar team formulates a plethora of contemporary and vintage cocktails and spirits and the freshest of ingredients – the very same watchword for our food. The chef offers meats and vegan charcuterie boards. Specially constructed for sharing and a sumptuous pair with our excellent drinks.

Formulating our own seasonal mash of syrups, martinis and infusion. Our goal is to present the quintessence of vintage as well as contemporary cocktails, re-defined by our impassioned bar team. Wine, spirits, and soft selections are all available. Our drink list is dynamic and evolving, so press the button on or latest drinks menu.

So whether its refreshments under the sun or late-night cocktails after an excellent dinner, let every drop you taste take you into our realm of fine wining and dining.


Vanilla vodka, Passoa, passion fruit

Puree, apple and pineapple juice.

Served with a sparkling chaser.


Beefeater gin, lychees, lychees juice,

Raspberry liqueur, pureed raspberries,

Cranberry & pineapple juice


Hendricks gin, elderflower liqueur,

Maraschino cherry syrup, apple juice,

Fresh apple, cucumber and mint bitters


Absolut vodka, crème de menthe,

White chocolate liqueur, cream,

And drizzled chocolate.


Hudson Rye, Antica Formula,

Angostura bitters.


Espresso, vanilla vodka, Kahlua, crème

De cacao & chocolate garnish


Barrel oak gin, white port,

(flavored at the bar),

Antica Formula, Maraschino

Liqueur, Angostura bitters