Innovate cuisines and heart mouthwatering classics are lovingly prepared in our restaurant by our chefs on a day-to-day basis. Our food is carefully made from scratch with a view to elevating the supposedly normal into extraordinary flavors. Our objective is to ensure happiness is encased voluminously in every spoonful of our offerings.

Our food caters to the needs of everyone and we have made it especially affordable so no one goes hungry. We make intercontinental dishes including Japanese and South-East Asian flavors. Our gastronomical expertise utilizes the highest quality ingredients, executed with delicate cooking in an atmosphere of fun and enthusiasm.

Our menu is specially formulated for sharing with a choice of small portions that will take you on a sweetrollercoaster ride out of this world. Ours is a flavor bomb which detonates in your mouth, shattering every other experience you have ever had with just one bite. Our Asian specials include Vietnamese Pho, Filipino Lumpak, gourmet Bao, Korean Ssam, and Indian Chicken Karaage.

Our delightful dishes introduce guests to Asian favorites with an European and North American style. We extract the best flavors from a dish by slow cooking techniques, 24 hour braised Lechon Kawali, delicious home-inspired recipes all aimed making every meal an eternal experience.

We are established for restaurateurs and connoisseurs of fine dining, and our menu is inspired by our heritage and traditions from ages past, and across our travels in the Asian continent.


We charge a decent price for our meals, but if you have a dissenting opinion, or you feel you did not enjoy your meal, you can pay whatever you like for your food. Just let one of our staff know when.